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Mimi, The Neurotic January 20, 2010

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It’s about time I introduce you to Mimi, our much loved two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.

Mimi joined our family last June after a chance viewing on Craigslist.  We were in the market for an animal, but we had already agreed that we’d get a cat since they are more independent than dogs and if we were to leave the house for a day, we wouldn’t have to worry about finding someone to let the dog out.  As I was scanning the listings, one caught my eye.  It wasn’t a cat listing, but one for a Jack Russell.  I clicked it just to see the picture and found this face staring back at me.

I don’t think we looked at a single cat posting.  We emailed the owner and made an appointment to go see her.  It was love at first site!  We took her home and have just fallen more in love with her and her antics every day.  My husband calls her Mini (like a Mini Cooper, because she is little and fast), which is funny because that was her original name with a different spelling.  I liked the name Mimi, because I had just seen Rent and wanted her to have a Broadway name.

Having lived with Mimi for seven months, we’ve discovered that Mimi has…um…how can I put this…issues.  She is obsessed with light.  If the sun is shining in through the windows, she will spend an hour trying to eat it off the carpet.  She’ll whine and wag her tail and snap at the air, lick the carpet and get a glazed over look in her eye.  When it’s dark outside, her whole gait changes from a normal dog jog to a frolicking hop similar to Pepe Le Pew when he’s chasing the object of his affection.  She’ll stop on a dime, flip directions and just look around wagging that stubby tail, then it’s hop hop and she’s off again.  She is also particular about her bedding.  She rearranges blankets several times before finding just the right arrangement to lie on.  At night, she HAS to sleep completely covered by blankets.  At least once a day, she has to show us how fast she can run through the house and never ceases to amaze us with the skill she has at literally bouncing off the walls.

We have learned to live with Mimi’s little quirks.  They are part of what makes her special.  We have maybe even learned to exploit these little quirks for our own amusement.

There is this little toucan light we have.  When you push a button, the beak of the bird opens and an LED light turns on.  This bird drives Mimi insane!  All she has to hear is the ratcheting sound the button makes and she will be tearing toward you with one thought on her mind…get that bird!

Let me tell you, that dog can jump!  I can hold the bird chest high and it still won’t be out of her reach.  Here’s the proof.

She sees it…

holding it chest high is not high enough…

She tries again…

Oh, she got it this time and proceeded to run off with it.  Did I mention she likes to show off how fast she can run?  It took me about 15 minutes to catch her and get back the bird.  After all, I may get bored again one day and need it to entertain myself!


One Response to “Mimi, The Neurotic”

  1. Helen G. Says:

    Jacks are definitely special. I moved into my cousin’s home and she has a Jack Russell named Spud. He is very entertaining and loves my two mini-schnauzers. He loves to swim in the ponds on the farm and when my cousin’s son-in-law wants to go fishing he calls her to keep Spud in the house because he will swim around in the ponds in circles biting at the water and Greg doesn’t stand a chance to catch anything.

    Thanks for the intro to Mini!


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