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This Ain’t Your Steel Magnolia’s Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa! December 25, 2009

Filed under: candy,dessert — freerangenurse @ 1:19 am

I have this recipe for toffee that I got from a friend years ago.  It has become a holiday tradition for me to make it for friends and it always gets rave reviews.  My friend Amy will eat it until she gets ulcers from it.  I take it to parties, share it with coworkers and stand back and baste myself in praise for this simple, simple recipe.  It is so simple, that my friend Jakob has renamed it Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa because that is pretty much all there is to the recipe.  I have finally decided to share the praise and let you make it for yourself and share it with those you love, or perhaps those whose love you’d like to have. (more…)