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Slow and Steady Wins The Race? January 27, 2011

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I am in week four of my year of me and so far I am down 5 pounds.  Not exactly where I want to be, but it’s better than five pounds up, I guess.  I am still having a hard time eating all the points I’m given.  Part of the problem is reminding myself to eat breakfast.  I’m just not hungry until about 11:00 and by then, it’s lunch time.  I am eating breakfast most days, but since I am choosing healthy options, I only tend to spend 5 or 6 points on that meal.  My snacks are usually veggies or fruit or the rare baked chips and salsa.  Lunch is usually light, consisting of a turkey sandwich or fish and sauteed veggies, dinner is the most points heavy with 10-11 points.  All told, I generally eat 27-29 points per day.

I really am trying to convince myself that it’s not about the weight, it’s about getting healthy.  Really, that is my goal, but part of being healthy is not being so overweight.  I want to start seeing the results of all my efforts.  I want my body to fall into line and start dropping weight that reflects the changes I’ve made.  I want to feel like I can use my flex points one week and not worry that it’ll mean that I gain weight.  Normal people eat queso once in a while and don’t have to sweat that it will undo all of the healthy choices they’ve made that week.  I read on the Weight Watchers site that they want you to use their flex points and that the program is designed for you to use them and still lose weight, but I just don’t trust that it will happen, yet.  Maybe once I have a loss over three pounds, I’ll believe it.  Although, knowing me, it’ll just make me more driven to work harder and go for 4 pounds.

Look, I know I didn’t get here overnight and I’m not going to reach my goal in a blink either.  I’m just sharing with you, cyberworld, the frustrations that come with changing one’s life.  I blame this latest mood swing on the gym showing the best places for nachos on the big screen t.v.!

Peace and healthy eating!


2 Responses to “Slow and Steady Wins The Race?”

  1. Diane Says:

    Slow and steady…you are on the right track! The scale may not reflect the changes you’re making, but if you could see inside your vascular system, maybe…..

    You cracked me up at the end -I was fond of watching FoodTV while on the elliptical at the gym last year; but I DID get a few dirty looks from the ladies on the stair-masters whenever I turned it on!

  2. Mike Alves Says:

    Down is good! Down is good!

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