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Defying Gravity November 13, 2009

Filed under: family — freerangenurse @ 10:00 am

Today I am driving to San Marcos to watch my brother and sister jump intentionally out of a plane.  While this is not that big a deal for my brother (because he’s a little nutty, like me), but my sister is really facing her fears with this one!  She is deathly afraid of heights!  She gets ashen and white-knuckled driving on the 183 fly-over!  I pity the man or woman that is going to be strapped to her back on that jump.  I am so proud of both of them because they are doing something they have both always wanted to do.  I am envious, because I would like to be up there, too.

Let’s drink to working parachutes, skilled professional tandem jumpers and safe landings on terra firma.

I’ll have another recipe or two hopefully tomorrow.  Baby (my kitchen-aid mixer) just received a brand new ice cream maker attachment, which is chilling out in the freezer as I type (hint, hint).  Suddenly cinnamon ice cream may not be so hard to find.

Here’s an update:


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